Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Well, a couple of days ago. T'was a pleasant day indeed. We didn't really do any thing too special, dinner, a walk in the park, and a movie at the drive in. We saw the rise of the planet of the apes and crazy stupid love. The first one was very cheesy, but we did watch the whole thing sooo...yeah. haha. Do many places have drive ins these days? There has just always been one here, but I guess a lot of places don't :(.
Annnnywho, here are some pictures of me and my fine man from my b-day...

He didn't realize this made a heart shape and thought I was just taking dramatic pictures of a rubber band.

This is a flower with a long name I can't remember.

Talking to my parents and taking pictures of myself. The usual.


All three of us look great in this picture! (Muffin, my arm, and I)

Oh strapless dress making me look all nude.

Wild life.

Smooch on the neck. In some of the pictures his lips are bright pink from my lip stick.

Good times.


  1. A belated happy birthday!
    Those pictures are beautiful! =]

    I have a very VERY tricky time trying to take nice ones of my fella and I because one of us always manages to start talking, sneeze, get something in our eye...

    Personally I think that destroying boyfriends in lipstick is quite necessary sometimes =]


    Love-Lee x

  2. gorgeous photos :) and happy birthday!!! I hope you had a lovely day. I wish we had drive-ins in the uk!



  3. looks like you had a wondeful day! Gorg photos! :)

    xxx Sophie xxx

  4. Aww, a very happy belated birthday to you!! These pictures look adorable, looks like you had a good birthday :)

  5. awe Happy Belated B-Day to you! I really love your blog! I'm pretty!! Look at yourself you're gorgeous! xo :-)

  6. Ahh, I've always said how I'd love to go to a drive in movie!! Definately need to do something like this over here (UK)! How much fun!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday by the by :) x

  7. How funny, my birthday was this past week as well. Great photos, you two look so happy. There's a drive in somewhat close to me, but it's always been there. Funny how people say they don't really exist hardly at all anymore but we have a fully functioning one in WA of all places. Hope you had an amazing birthday this year. :)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog, I'm now following you! You and your fiance are too cute!!!!! I love your pretty makeup pics, so excited to have a new lovely blog to follow, have a nice day :)

  9. Happy belated birthday! Your photos are so lovely and happy, really uplifting on this horribly grey and rainy day here... Muffin?!?!?! I have to admit that I laughed loud when I read that, that's sooo sweet and funny. Very happy to follow you back ;-) Love from London xo

  10. oh my, you are incredibly gorgeous!!!! <3 Annnd happy belated birthday!!! Looks like it was lots of fun :)

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