Monday, October 3, 2011


So I have been in California at my brothers house. It was a good trip aside from a train ride. I now know I hate trains, now if someone asks my opinion of trains I have a long detailed rant prepared. My grandma is pretty amazing and paid for our trip. Like all of it, I couldn't buy a meal! She really is a wonderful person. If you know me personally you know that we are very close. The whole trip was a little boring but they have an eight month baby and it really couldn't be helped. 

Enjoy some photos!

Isn't she just beautiful. 

Sooo many pumpkins!

Brother, Sister in law, niece. She had no make up on and really didn't want me to take a picture, but she is definitely one of those people who doesn't need it.

But just in case she ever finds out about this blog here is a pic from the next day.

The baby. I spent an afternoon just taking pictures of the kids haha. She looks just like my brother.

Ahhhh goat. We went to a farm.

It was really hot there. I am ok with living in good ole WA.
I am so glad to be back with my man and my rain.